2013: #wfugrad

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It’s time to celebrate the Class of 2013! More than 1,600 graduates and their families will gather for the 2013 Commencement Ceremony on May 20. Share your moments and follow along online using #wfugrad — we’ll be curating the best content to include in the Storify below and to share on other social networks.


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We’ll be sharing seniors’ top memories and moments from their last four years on Twitter.

Sunday, May 19 | 1 day until Commencement

GracieFriend150x200_may19Gracie Friend: “Freshman year, at the beginning of finals week, my friend and I hopped the fence at the soccer stadium and we ran around on the field. It was really fun!”
JacobMartinez150x200_may19Jacob Martinez: “Having an academic epiphany – sitting in class and a lightbulb went off. In Classics course with Professor Powell sophomore year. Learned that even the most abstract stuff connects to life.”

Saturday, May 18 | 2 days until Commencement

may18_EthanRadtke150x200_may18Ethan Radtke: “Performing with the Lilting Banshees over the past four years.”
may18_MariIshibashi150x200_may18Mari Ishibashi: “When me and my friends hosted the first ever TEDx conference at Wake last year.”
may18_TravisLaHue150x200_May18Travis LaHue: “Going to Oktoberfest with Wake friends while studying abroad junior year.”
may18_EmilyCollins150x200Emily Collins: “When I made 100 on a microbiology test.”

Friday, May 17 | 3 days until Commencement

CarolinePinto150x200Caroline Pinto: “Sophomore year upon joining Chi Omega.”
BillyCaster150x200Billy Caster: “Caving with Outdoor Pursuits senior year in Tennessee. I was with my roommate and other Wake friends and we hiked through underground streams and creeks.”
AmaliaMcDonald150x200Amalia McDonald: “Singing the fight song at football games.”
MeganMancosh150x200Megan Mancosh: “Freshman year President’s Ball – everyone was together in this beautiful place, there was all of these Wake Forest decorations, and I felt like a college student in this wonderful community.”

Thursday, May 16 | 4 days until Commencement

SarahSebton150x200Sarah Sebton: “The Bell Tour tour – it embodies the Wake Forest experience.”
TrevorWaddell150x200Trevor Waddell: “Freshman year when we beat Texas during the NCAA tournament. I was watching in Carswell with friends — the energy and craziness and rolling the Quad.”

Wednesday, May 15 | 5 days until Commencement

CorvayaJeffries150x200Corvaya Jeffries: “Freshman year during the football spring game weekend — I saw alumni come back and they were so proud of their school. I wanted to be a part of that. It was a really happy day.”
MollyMitzner150x200Molly Mitzner:“Studying abroad — walking around Prague in the main square with Wake Forest friends.”

Tuesday, May 14 | 6 days until Commencement

JadeHarris150x200Jade Harris: “When I learned Portuguese and could actually talk with locals after spending time abroad with both the WF Southern Cone program and as a Richter Scholar.”
ChrisIskander150x200Chris Iskander: “Every afternoon I volunteered with Campus Kitchen.”
JacobSchemper150x200Jacob Schemper: “When I scored a goal this past season versus App State.”
BetsyHicks150x200 copyBetsy Hicks: “When I finished Italian sophomore year – I felt so free.”

Monday, May 13 | 7 days until Commencement

AndrewEllis150x200Andrew Ellis: “Abroad summer after sophomore year in Nepal — when I had just reached 13,000 feet climbing a hillside with Wake Forest friends.”
StephanieJack150x200Stephanie Jack: “Shag on the Mag sophomore year!”

Sunday, May 12 | 8 days until Commencement

MohsinShafi150x200Mohsin Shafi: “Junior year President’s Ball.”
CatalinaFlorez150x200Catalina Florez: “Studying abroad in Dijon with Wake Forest.”

Saturday, May 11 | 9 days until Commencement

KevinMoon150x200Kevin Moon: “Bungee jumping with Wake friends in Mexico over spring break.”
CourtneyDixon150x200Courtney Dixon: “Being on the rugby pitch.”

Friday, May 10 | 10 days until Commencement

ClaireRizer150x200Clare Rizer: “Climbing the Mag quad trees at 4 a.m. with my sorority big and watching the sun rise.”
JimO'Connell150x200Jim O’Connell: “This past year’s Lovefeast.”
DajavaeBacote150x200Dajavae Bacote: “Coming back from abroad, I had a new appreciation for Wake — it was like a welcome home reunion.”
KiannaMariko150x200Kianna Courtney: Being with the people I’ve grown so close to; from on the ropes course with Student Union to making random videos with friends during finals week.” Mariko Weaver: “Dancing in the sprinklers on the Quad late at night with friends.”

Thursday, May 9 | 11 days until Commencement

ChakaylaTaylor150x200Chakayla Taylor: “Freshman year while watching the movie on the Quad and meeting new people! It made my come out of my shell and now I am the person today because of it!
MichaelScott_150x200Michael Scott: “When the Deacs beat Miami this year – rushing the court and rolling the quad. Everyone was pumped up.”
CoryRyan_150x200Cory Ryan: “When club frisbee qualified for the national championship three years in a row — and leading the team as a senior.”
AmandaFinney150x200Amanda Finney: “Working on President Obama’s campaign in Virginia during the Fall semester of senior year.”

Wednesday, May 8 | 12 days until Commencement

BrandonFuller_150x200_superClose Brandon Fuller: “When Ish made that shot against Texas.”
SydneyDiana_150x200 copySydney Diana: “Performing onstage with the dance company.”
OliviaTaldone_150x200 copyOlivia Taldone: “Rolling the Quad after beating FSU in football.”
MaryAlyceMcCullough_WillFickler_150x200Mary Alyce McCullough: “When I swam under a waterfall in the Peruvian rainforest while studying abroad.”
Will Fickler: Intramural softball with the ‘Grand Old Pipers.'”

Tuesday, May 7 | 13 days until Commencement

CurtisBloomer_150x200Curtis Bloomer: “I had my 22nd birthday party for 12 hours during Wake ‘N Shake! I was pumped to spend the entire day with my friends and the Wake Forest community going crazy and dancing all day long!”
MarkCovington_150x200Mark Covington: “Joining Innuendo and serving as president.”