• Cohen, Mandy Krauthamer (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Dorrien, Gary (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Sumner, Jean Rawlings (Doctor of Science)
  • Pace, Cathy (Doctor of Business Administration)


  • Acosta, David Alexander (Doctor of Science)
  • Culp, Jr., H. Lawrence “Larry” (Doctor of Business Administration)
  • Lucas, Kimberly “Kym” (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Noe, Kathy Killian (Doctor of Humane Letters)


  • Biggs, Loretta Copeland (Doctor of Laws)
  • Glaude, Jr., Eddie S. (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Martin, Kelsey C. (Doctor of Science)
  • Rogers, Rodney (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Upchurch, Jr., W. Howard (Doctor of Business Administration)


  • Ford, Henri Ronald (Doctor of Science)
  • Gibbons (’79), Thomas P. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Hatch, Nathan Orr (Doctor of Humane Letters)


  • Chambers, Julius (Doctor of Laws)
  • Davis, Jeffrey A. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Haugen, Gary A. (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Hayden, Carla Diane (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Ouelette, Sandra Maree (Doctor of Science)
  • Pizzo, Dr. Philip A. (Doctor of Science)
  • Ryan, Frederick J. (Doctor of Laws)


  • Dolan, Cardinal Timothy Michael (Doctor of Laws)
  • Harris, Carla Ann (Doctor of Laws)
  • Porterfield, Daniel R. (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Faison, III, Vice Admiral C. Forrest (Doctor of Science)
  • Joel, Lawrence (Doctor of Laws)
  • Sager, Thomas L. (Doctor of Laws)


  • Benjamin, Dr. Regina M. (Doctor of Science)
  • Gupta, Anil Rai (Doctor of Laws)
  • Howard, Vivian (Doctor of Letters)
  • Sexton, John (Doctor of Laws)
  • Meacham, Jon (Doctor of Letters)
  • Noe, Kathy Killian (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Stevenson, Bryan (Doctor of Laws)


  • Barnes, Rev. Dr. M. Craig (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Burke, Ms. Vivian H. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Levin, Dr. Richard I. (Doctor of Science)
  • Mahoney, Mr. Michael F. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Patel, Dr. Eboo (Doctor of Humane Letters)


  • Brito, Mr. Carlos (Doctor of Laws)
  • Colbert, Mr. Stephen (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Thibault, Dr. George E. (Doctor of Science)
  • Walton, Dr. Jonathan (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Abramson, Ms. Jill (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Rogers, Ms. Melissa (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Murray, Honorable Mr. Justice John L. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Nasca, Dr. Thomas J. (Doctor of Science)


  • Ifill, Ms. Gwen (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Woo, Ms. Carolyn Y. (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Farrell. Mr. Michael A.J. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Murguia, Ms. Janet (Doctor of Laws)
  • Wilkes, Mr. David S. (Doctor of Science)


  • Ergen, Mr. Charles (Doctor of Laws)
  • Lacy, Ms. Elizabeth B. (Doctor of Laws)
  • May, Mr. Willie E. (Doctor of Science)
  • Reckford, Mr. Jonathan (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Wiseman, Mr. Eric C. (Doctor of Laws)


  • Chopp, Ms. Rebecca S. (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Nooyi, Ms. Indra K. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Suter, Mr. William K. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Von Eschenbach, Mr. Andrew C. (Doctor of Science)


  • Chenault, Mr. Kenneth I. (Doctor of Laws)


  • Biden, Vice President Joe (Doctor of Laws)
  • Holding, Mr. Frank Brown (Doctor of Laws)
  • Joines, Mayor Allen (Doctor of Laws)
  • Krugman, Dr. Richard David (Doctor of Science)
  • Lundblad, Rev. Barbara K. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Marriot Jr., Mr. John Willard “Bill” (Doctor of Laws)
  • Russert, Mr. Tim (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Schoomaker, Lt. Gen. Eric B. (Doctor of Science)


  • Dionne Jr., Mr. E.J. (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • DeAngelis, Dr. Catherine (Doctor of Science)
  • McKenzie, Right Rev. Vashti (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Noll, Mr. Richard (Doctor of Laws)
  • Talent, Mr. James (Doctor of Laws)
  • Wuthnow, Mr. Robert (Doctor of Humane Letters)


  • Brooks, Mr. Robert (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Bumpers, Mr. Dale (Doctor of Laws)
  • Hehir, Rev. J. Bryan (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Martin Sr., Mr. Harold L. (Doctore of Laws)
  • Schutz, Mr. Wolfgang (Doctor of Science)
  • Scott, Ms. Anne Firor (Doctor of Humane Letters)


  • Orenstein, M.D., Dr. Walter A. (Doctor of Science)
  • Taylor, Rev. Barbara Brown (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Warner, Mr. Mark (Doctor of Laws)
  • Zerhouni, M.D., Dr. Elias A. (Doctor of Science)


  • Hill, Mr. Oliver White (Doctor of Laws)
  • Lown, Dr. Bernard (Doctor of Science)
  • Piscal, Mr. Michael Dennis (Doctor of Humanities)


  • Brown, Ms. Geneva B. (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Claypool, Mr. John R. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Elders, Ms. M. Joycelyn (Doctor of Science)
  • Lockwood, Mr. Lewis (Doctor of Fine Arts)
  • Powell, U.S. Secretary of State Colin L. (Doctor of Humanities)


  • Barnett, Ms. Marha W. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Bloomberg, Mayor Michael (Doctor of Laws)
  • Carmona, Mr. Richard (Doctor of Science)
  • Marty, Mr. Martin E. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Olson, Mr. Eric (Doctor of Science)


  • Abrams, Mr. Floyd (Doctor of Laws)
  • Edelman, Ms. Marian Wright (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Kirby, Mr. Fred (Doctor of Laws)
  • McCain, Senator John (Doctor of Laws)
  • Satcher, Dr. David (Doctor of Science)


  • Hytche, Mr. William P. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Isepp, Mr. Martin (Doctor of Fine Arts)


  • Buechner, Rev. Frederick (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Chambers, Mr. John (Doctor of Laws)
  • Howard, Mr. A.E. Dick (Doctor of Laws)
  • Lambeth, Mr. Thomas (Doctor of Laws)
  • Lenfant, Dr. Claude (Doctor of Science)
  • Lewis, Ms. Helen (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Arinze, Roman Catholic Cardinal Francis (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Darman, Mr. Richard (Doctor of Laws)
  • DeBakey, Mr. Michael (Doctor of Science)
  • McCain, Ms. Betty (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Young, Mr. Andrew (Doctor of Laws)


  • Barnette, Mr. Henlee Hulix
  • Bowles, Mr. Erskine
  • Campbell, Ms. Joan Brown
  • Corrigan, Mr. Eugene Francis
  • Fauci, Dr. Anthony Stephen
  • Linney, Mr. Romulusu


  • Cohen, Dr. Jordan Jay (Doctor of Science)
  • Gerstner Jr., Mr. Louis V. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Kulynych, Mr. Petro (Doctor of Laws)
  • Marrett, Ms. Cora Bagley (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Morrison, Ms. Toni (Doctor of Letters)
  • Tribble, Ms. Phyllis (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Britt, Ms. Virginia Niblock (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Hatfield, Mr. Weston Poole (Doctor of Laws)
  • Mason, Mr. James Walter (Doctor of Laws)
  • Naudé, Mr. Christian Frederick Beyers (Doctor of divinity)
  • Nunn, Mr. Sam (Doctor of Laws)
  • Platzer, Mr. Werner (Doctor of Science)
  • Sullivan, Mr. Louis Wade (Doctor of Science)
  • Ward, Honorable Hiram Hamilton (Doctor of Law)


  • Horton, Mr. Frank L.
  • Lawrence, Mr. Jacob
  • Smith, Mr. Roy J.
  • Sticht, Mr. J. Paul
  • Verba, Ms. Sidney
  • Woodruff, Ms. Judy


  • Brenner, Mr. Herbert
  • Elion, Ms. Gertrude B.
  • Gaines, Mr. Clarence E. “Bighouse”
  • Merhige Jr., Mr. Robert R.


  • Glenn, Mr. James K. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Hesburgh, Rev. Theodore M. (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Marshall, Ms. Paule (Doctor of Letters)
  • Sasaki, Mr. Shogo (Doctor of Science)
  • Walker, Mr. LeRoy T. (Doctor of Laws)


  • Clancy, Mr. Tom (Doctor of Letters)
  • Fitzgerald, Rev. F. Sue (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Hanes, Mr. J. Gordon (Doctor of Laws)
  • Hunt, Mr. James C. (Doctor of Science)
  • Niven, Ms. Penelope E. (Doctor of Letters)


  • Hough Jr., Mr. Joseph C. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Hunt, Mr. Albert R. (Doctor of Letters)
  • Neal, Wilder and Mr. Stephen L. (Doctor of Laws)


  • Bryant, Mr. David R.
  • Fuller, Mr. Millard D.
  • Hanes Jr., Mr. R. Philip
  • Norton, Ms. Eleanor Holmes
  • Puckett, Mr. R. Gene


  • Adams, Mr. Maynard (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Bradlee, Mr. Benjamin (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Foote, Brig. Gen. Evelyn Patricia (Doctor of Laws)
  • Hayes, Mr. Harold T.P. (Doctor of Letters)
  • Hobbs, Mr. Dewey (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Smith, Mr. Zachary (Doctor of Laws)


  • Bennet, Bert L. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Burke, Ms. Selma Hortense (Doctor of Fine Arts)
  • Lewis, Ms. Eloise Rallings (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Martin, James Grubbs “Jim” (Doctor of Laws)
  • Whitaker, Mr. Bruce Ezell (Doctor of Laws)


  • Franklin, Mr. John Hope (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Handy, Mr. Robert T. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Patrick, Ms. Ruth (Doctor of Science)
  • Petersdorf, Mr. Robert G. (Doctor of Science)
  • Trudeau, Mr. Garry (Doctor of Letters)


  • Bennett, Mr. Harold Clark (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Cooper, Mr. John Allen Dicks (Doctor of Science)
  • Hill, Ms. Helen (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Jordan Jr., Mr. Vernon (Doctor of Laws)
  • Park, Mr. Roy H. (Doctor of Laws)


  • Campbell, Mr. Will Davis (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Clark, Ms. Eleanor (Doctor of Letters)
  • Davis, Mr. Thomas H. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Mellinkoff, Mr. Sherman M. (Doctor of Humane Letters)


  • Adler, Mr. Samuel H. (Doctor of Fine Arts)
  • Branch, Mr. Joseph (Doctor of Laws)
  • Futrell, Ms. Louise (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Gilbert, Mr. John William (Doctor of Laws)
  • Wagoner, Mr. Walter Raleigh (Doctor of Divinities)


  • Barrett, Mr. John G. (Doctor of Letters)
  • Cashwell Jr., Mr. Thomas L. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Hunt Jr., Mr. James B. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Moon, Ms. Hazel Frances (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Wofford, Mr. Harris L. (Doctor of Laws)


  • Blair, Mr. John Fries (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Crouch, Mr. William Henry (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Frank, Mr. Stanley (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Wagoner, Mr. William Hampton (Doctor of Laws)


  • Baker, Mr. Russell W. (Doctor of Letters)
  • Campbell, Mr. Frank R. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Cuninggim, Mr. Merrimon (Doctor of Humanities)
  • DeVries, Mr. Peter (Doctor of Letters)
  • Ford, Mr. Gerald R. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Harris, Mr. Charles U. (Doctor of Humane Letters)


  • Hill Jr., Mr. Samuel Richardson (Doctor of Science)
  • Jay, Mr. Peter (Doctor of Letters)
  • Price, Mr. Reynolds (Doctor of Letters)
  • Worrell, Mr. T. Eugene (Doctor of Humanities)


  • Alexander Jr., Mr. Clifford L. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Debo, Ms. Angie (Doctor of Letters)
  • Harris, Mr. Shearon (Doctor of Laws)
  • McMahon, Mr. John Alexander (Doctor of Laws)
  • Routh, Mr. Porter (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Angelou, Ms. Maya (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Larkins Jr., Mr. John D. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Mayer, Mr. Martin (Doctor of Letters)
  • Stokes, Mr. Colin (Doctor of Laws)
  • Thompson Jr., Mr. Frank (Doctor of Humanities)


  • Cleary, Ms. Jude (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Cone, Ms. Bonnie Ethel (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Harris, Ms. Rosemary (Doctor of Fine Arts)
  • Hirshhorn, Mr. Joseph H. (Doctor of Fine Arts)
  • Lindgren, Mr. Robert (Doctor of Fine Arts)
  • Pignatti, Mr. Terisio (Doctor of Fine Arts)
  • Rubinstein, Mr. Arthur (Doctor of Fine Arts)
  • Van Alstyne, Mr. William W. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Wicker, Mr. Thomas G. (Doctor of Letters)


  • Crouch, Mr. William Perry (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Howell, Mr. Claude F. (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Jordan, Ms. Barbara (Doctor of Laws)
  • Powell Jr., Mr. Lewis F. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Woodhall, Mr. Barnes (Doctor of Science)


  • Cooper, Mr. Owen (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Ellison, Mr. Ralph Waldo (Doctor of Letters)
  • Hayes Sr., Mr. James M. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Hester, Mr. James Montgomery (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Weinberg, Mr. Alvin M. (Doctor of Science)


  • Carroll, Mr. Wallace (Doctor of Letters)
  • Daniel, Ms. Margaret Truman (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Finlator, Mr. William W. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Griffiths, Mr. Phillip A. (Doctor of Science)
  • Hanes, Mr. Ralph P. (Doctor of Law)


  • Ammons, Mr. A. R. (Doctor of Letters)
  • Archie, Mr. William C. (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Bates, Mr. Carl E. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Forsyth, Ms. Anne Reynolds (Doctor of Humanities)


  • Ervin Jr., Mr. Sam J. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Fisher, Mr. Benjamin C. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Huntley, Mr. Robert E.R. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Lolley, Mr. W. Randall (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Aung, Mr. Maung Htin (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Butler Jr., Mr. Albert L. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Marsh, Mr. Lex (Doctor of Laws)
  • Moyers, Mr. Bill D. (Doctor of Letters)
  • Palmer, Mr. Arnold D. (Doctor of Laws)


  • Bree, Ms. Germaine (Doctor of Letters)
  • Britt, Mr. David M. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Martin, Mr. Graham A. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Watlington Jr., Mr. John F. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Webb, Mr. James E. (Doctor of Science)


  • Adams, Mr. Theodore Floyd (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Chandler, Mr. John W. (Doctor of Humane Letters)
  • Moore, Mr. Dan K. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Whitaker, Mr. John C. (Doctor of Laws)


  • Aldrich, Mr. A. Douglas (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Davis, Mr. Archibald K. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Eaton, Mr. Clement (Doctor of Literature)
  • Heilman, Mr. Bruce (Doctor of Laws)
  • Reynolds, Ms. Nancy Susan (Doctor of Humanities)


  • Creech Jr., Mr. Oscar (Doctor of Science)
  • Ford, Mr. Howard J. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Giannini, Mr. Vittorio (Doctor of Laws)
  • Pfohl, Mr. J. Kenneth (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Carr, Mr. Warren Tyree (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Jones, Mr. English E. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Martin Jr., Mr. James Alfred (Doctor of Literature)
  • Sanford, Mr. Terry (Doctor of Laws)
  • Sharpe, Ms. Susie Marshall (Doctor of Laws)


  • Knight, Mr. Douglas Maitland (Doctor of Literature)
  • Potter, Mr. James Samuel (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Shannon Jr., Mr. Edgar Finley (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Stanley, Mr. Edwin Monroe (Doctor of Laws)


  • Hodges, Mr. Luther Hartwell (Doctor of Laws)
  • Marney, Mr. Carlyle (Doctor of Literature)
  • Paschal Jr., Mr. George W. (Doctor of Science)
  • Williams, Mr. Kenneth Raynor (Doctor of Laws)


  • Carswell, Mr. Guy Thomas (Doctor of Laws)
  • Depp, Mr. Walter Mark (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Hendricks, Mr. Garland Alford (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Oates, Mr. Wayne Edward (Doctor of Literature)
  • Speight, Mr. Francis Wayland (Doctor of Humanities)


  • Deane, Mr. Charles Bennett (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Fraser Jr., Mr. Thomas Augustus (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Patton, Mr. Wendell M. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Smith, Mr. Budd Elmon (Doctor of Laws)


  • Caldwell, Mr. John Tyler (Doctor of Laws)
  • Coates, Mr. Albert (Doctor of Laws)
  • Guy Jr., Mr. T. Sloane (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Horne, Mr. Chevis Ferber (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Thompson, Mr. Samuel Alcott (Doctor of Science)


  • Aycock, Mr. William Brantley (Doctor of Laws)
  • Elliot, Mr. Philip Lovin (Doctor of Laws)
  • Harris, Ms. Bernice Kelly (Doctor of Letters)
  • Hollingsworth, Mr. Leon Howard (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Martin, Mr. David Grier (Doctor of Laws)


  • Babcock, Mr. Charles Henry (Doctor of Laws)
  • Brown, Mr. Ray Everett (Doctor of Humanities)
  • McCracken, Mr. Robert James (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Plemmons, Mr. William H. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Reynolds, Mr. Richard J. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Williams, Mr. William Harrison (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Brooks Jr., Mr. Nathan C. (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Friday, Mr. William Clyde (Doctor of Laws)
  • Holding, Mr. Robert Powell (Doctor of Laws)
  • Johnson, Ms. Mary Lynch (Doctor of Humanities)
  • Mull, Mr. Odus McCoy (Doctor of Laws)


  • Branch, Mr. Douglas McKinley (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Crittenden, Mr. C. Christopher (Doctor of Laws)
  • Martin, Mr. Santford W. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Thorne, Mr. Ennis Posey (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Campbell, Ms. Leslie Hartwell (Doctor of Laws)
  • Dozier, Mr. Edwin Burke (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Gramley, Mr. Dale Hartzler (Doctor of Literature)
  • Stephenson, Mr. Gilbert T. (Doctor of Civil Laws)


  • Bone, Mr. Walter J. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Bostian, Mr. Carey Hoyt (Doctor of Science)
  • Hoge, Mr. James Fulton (Doctor of Laws)
  • Shanks, Mr. Henry Thomas (Doctor of Humanities)
  • White, Mr. Ransom Kelly (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Battle, Mr. John Stewart (Doctor of Laws)
  • Carlylem, Mr. Irving Edward (Doctor of Laws)
  • Phillips, Mr. Howard Mitchell (Doctor of Science)
  • Weatherspoon, Mr. W. Herbert (Doctor of Laws)
  • Willis, Mr. James Bennett (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Devin, Mr. William Augustus (Doctor of Laws)
  • Hankins, Mr. George Foster (Doctor of Laws)
  • Love, Mr. J. Grafton (Doctor of Science)
  • Pearce, Mr. J. Winston (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Stealey, Mr. Sydnor Lorenzo (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Binkley, Mr. Olin Trivette (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Edens, Mr. Arthur Hollis (Doctor of Laws)
  • Gray, Mr. Gordon (Doctor of Laws)
  • Hedgepeth, Mr. Ippy Purvis (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Campbell, Mr. A. Carlyle (Doctor of Laws)
  • Dowell, Mr. Spright (Doctor of Laws)
  • Hester, Mr. Hubert Inman (Doctor of Divinity)
  • White, Mr. Lee McBride (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Bennet, Mr. Ivan Loveridge (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Claudy, Mr. Carl Henry (Doctor of Letters)
  • Huggins, Mr. Malloy Alton (Doctor of Laws)
  • Humber, Mr. Robert Lee (Doctor of Laws)


  • Tribble, Mr. Harold Wayland (Doctor of Laws)
  • Varser, Mr. Lucurgus Rayner (Doctor of Laws)
  • Warren, Mr. Casper Carl (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Denny, Mr. Emery Byrd (Doctor of Laws)
  • Lin, Mr. Henry Hsieh (Doctor of Laws)
  • Modlin, Mr. George M. (Doctor of Laws)
  • Whitaker, Mr. Martin Dewey (Doctor of Science)
  • Yates, Mr. Kyle Monroe (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Rankin, Mr. M. Theron (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Smith, Mr. Charles George (Doctor of Letters)


  • Blanton, Mr. Sankey Lee (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Fries, Ms. Adelaide (Doctor of Literature)
  • Herring, Mr. Ralph A. (Doctor of Divinity)


  • Gill, Mr. Everett (Doctor of Divinity)
  • Greer, Mr. Isaac Garfield (Doctor of Laws)
  • Morehead, Mr. John Motley (Doctor of Engineering)


  • Coburn, Mr. Henry Clay (Doctor of Science)
  • Hanes, Mr. Frederic Moir (Doctor of Science)