1988: Medical School

Dr. Richard T. Myers offered the 105 graduating medical students of the Bowman Gray School of Medicine some guidelines to make their practice “an absolute pleasure.”

Myers is faculty professor emeritus of surgery and former chairman of the Department of Surgery at Bowman Gray. He was the speaker for the May 15 ceremony at which the graduating students took the Physician’s Oath and received hoods, signifying attainment of the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

“There will be endless opportunities for enjoyment and satisfaction through intellectual expansion and service to patients if the appropriate environment is provided,” Myers said. “On the other hand, if the pressing responsibilities of your work become overly demanding, onerous or boring, enthusiasm and pleasure will fade, and both patient and physician will suffer.”

He suggested five courses of action: choose the right specialty, remain current, develop your own personal information center, become an expert, and develop outside interests.