WFU’s retiring faculty recognized during commencement

By Kimberly G. Gentry
Posted May 15, 2000

Retiring faculty from Wake Forest University were recognized during the university’s commencement ceremony on May 17. The following 21 faculty are retiring:

Thomas Mullen (2006)
Thomas Mullen (2006)

Reynolda Campus

  • David Broyles, professor of politics
  • Thomas Mullen, professor of history and former dean of the College
  • Stan Tefft, professor of anthropology
  • Donald Wolfe, professor of theater
  • Richard Zuber, professor of history
  • Peter Peacock, Babcock Graduate School Management, associate professor of marketing and information services
  • James Taylor Jr., School of Law, associate dean of external affairs
Donald Wolfe (2004)
Donald Wolfe (2004)

Bowman Gray Campus

  • Ralph W. Barnes, professor of neurology
  • George J. Doellgast, associate professor of biochemistry
  • Dr. William R. Hazzard, professor of internal medicine (gerontology)
  • Dr. Allen S. Hudspeth, professor of surgical sciences (cardiothoracic)
  • Dr. Robert I. Kohut, professor of surgical sciences-otolaryngology
  • Dr. Henry S. Miller Jr., professor of internal medicine-cardiology
  • Paul R. Moran, professor of radiologic sciences (radiology)
  • Dr. Frederick Richards II, associate professor of internal medicine (hematology/oncology)
  • Stephen H. Richardson, professor of microbiology and immunology
  • Jai H. Ryu, professor of surgical sciences (otolaryngology)
  • B. Moseley Waite, professor of biochemistry
  • Velma Watts, associate professor of medical education
  • Dr. Duke B. Weeks, professor of anesthesiology
  • Dr. Neil T. Wolfman, professor of radiologic sciences (radiology)