The following faculty were honored during the Commencement ceremony:

Reynolda Campus

Wake Forest University honors Andrew V. Ettin, Ph.D., for thirty-six years of extraordinary service as a beloved teacher and colleague; for his landmark scholarly investigations into the genre of pastoral, the fiction of Nadine Gordimer, and the literature and philosophy of contemporary Judaism; for his generous spirit and strong commitment to teaching; for the range and depth of his erudition, and his valuing of learning for its own sake; for his presence as a calm and treasured counselor to his colleagues and his students; and for his devotion to the spiritual well-being of the larger community.

Wake Forest University honors Herman E. Eure, Ph.D., for remarkable stewardship of the department of Biology, which he joined in 1974 as a professor shortly after obtaining his Ph.D. here. He studied host-parasite relationships, working closely with both undergraduate and graduate students, training and mentoring generations of parasitologists. Herman also served with distinction as Biology Department Chair and as Associate Dean of the College. He performed valuable service for both local and national professional organizations. His sensitivity and keen insight into human nature made him a role model that all colleagues could emulate. In recognition of his extensive and outstanding service, he received the Schoonmaker Faculty award in 2011.

Wake Forest University honors Alix Hitchcock, M.A., for twenty-four years of remarkable dedication to the Department of Art through teaching, mentoring and heading the Drawing Area; for creating an environment where students felt safe and encouraged to experiment and learn; and for serving above and beyond the call of duty by helping advance and enhance the governance of the Art Department through creative ideas and participation on essential committees. Alix’s devotion to her students and to her colleagues was genuinely extraordinary.

Wake Forest University honors Hugo C. Lane, Doctorate of the Biological Sciences, for forty years of dedicated service in the department of Biology as a much-loved professor in vertebrate physiology. He was a popular, effective and patient teacher and advisor. Hugo’s most notable contributions were as the College’s Health Professions Coordinator, a position that he greatly developed over a nearly thirty-year period. Moreover, his program became a model for pre-health professions advising programs at many other institutions, and Hugo has served as president of professional health professions career advising organizations. He also co-founded the Health Professions Advisors of NC organization. In 2000, Hugo won the Excellence in Advising Award.

Wake Forest University honors Perry L. Patterson, Ph.D., for twenty-seven years of exemplary service to Wake Forest and the departments of Economics and German & Russian. He taught a wide range of courses to hundreds of grateful students and was known as a dedicated teacher, who genuinely cared about the education and well-being of each individual student. He was the Committee on Orientation and Lower Division Advising’s long-term chair and ably served as the College’s first Associate Dean for Academic Advising. He provided valuable assistance and advice to the Ukrainian central bank following the collapse of the USSR.

Wake Forest University honors Robert J. Plemmons, Ph.D., for twenty-three years of devoted service as an excellent teacher, a world-renowned scholar, an inspiring mentor, and a trusted colleague in the departments of Computer Science and Mathematics in Wake Forest College. As a Reynolds Professor, Bob brought leadership to the scholarly programs in both departments. known for his excellence in teaching and thesis advising, Bob contributed memorably to the undergraduate and graduate programs, never seeking recognition for these efforts, which he so richly deserved. Bob’s collegiality and leadership will be greatly missed.

Wake Forest University honors Jenny Puckett, M.A., for her eighteen years of devotion and matchless service to Wake Forest and to its ideals; for her exemplary work as a selfless teacher of Spanish language and enthusiastic advocate of cultural exchange; for her mentoring of students and her constant engagement in student life; for her illuminating research and publication on the transition of the university to Winston-Salem; and for the inimitable fairness, good humor, and charm she has brought to all her duties at Wake Forest. She has been, throughout, an endearing and faithful colleague.

Wake Forest university honors Paul M. Ribisl, Ph.D., for forty years of devoted and valued service to the Health and Exercise Science Department, the Undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School and Wake Forest University; for his sixteen years of wise and dedicated leadership as Chair of the Department and Director of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program; for his research passion and internationally recognized scholarship in the area of physical activity and obesity; for his devotion to teaching and distinctive ability to challenge students and others; for his unique sense of humor and ability to unite individuals for a common good; and for his expert photographer’s eye.

Wake Forest University honors Jeanne M. Simonelli, Ph.D., for fourteen extraordinary years of dedicated service to students, colleagues, and the university community. Her tireless leadership encouraged, inspired, and sustained anthropology at Wake Forest. Her vision of anthropology and gifted teaching challenged countless students and faculty to explore applied and human questions of relevance through scholarship. Her landmark ethnographic studies in Chiapas, Mexico, and her fieldwork among the Navajo contributed significantly to our understanding of the human experience. Her humor, unremitting curiosity, kindness, and creativity have greatly enriched anthropology and Wake Forest.

Wake Forest university honors Harry B. Titus, Ph.D., for thirty-two years of impassioned governance of Wake Forest College in numerous leadership positions and as Chair of the Art Department for seven years. As a faithful colleague and trusted friend, Dr. Titus embodied the teacher-scholar ideal, mentoring and teaching students in class and on site through his research about St. Germain Cathedral in Auxerre, France. Dr. Titus encouraged students to pursue independent research as well through the richter Scholarship program, which he led with enthusiasm and grace for many years.

Wake Forest University honors Robert L. Utley, Jr., Ph.D., for his thirty-five years of distinguished service to Wake Forest University as a professor of the humanities who challenged his students to read closely, reflect honestly, critique fully, and think independently; who in his classroom and by his person embraced the values of the greatest and most enduring philosophical, religious, and literary achievements, and who inspired his students to aim as high; and for his examined yet constant love of Wake Forest, his alma mater and professional home.

Wake Forest university honors M. Stanley Whitley, Ph.D., for twenty-three years of devotedly serving the needs of his students, his colleagues, Wake Forest, and the academy. Through his commitment to the intellectual well-being of his students and the international esteem in which he is held in the field of Spanish linguistics, he has embodied the University’s teacher-scholar ideal. His tireless contributions to the Wake Forest interdisciplinary minor in linguistics has ensured its continued growth in the College. He has also been, throughout, a wise and caring colleague and friend whose professional achievements have been ever informed by his sense of personal integrity and fair play.

Bowman Gray Campus

Wake Forest University honors Michael A. Bettmann, M.D., for seven years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Division of Radiologic Sciences, Department of Radiology, Section on Interventional Radiology; for exceptional talent as a vascular and interventional radiologist; for leadership in our interventional radiology program; for exceptional dedication to patient care; for educating a generation of radiologists in state-of-the-art interventional radiology techniques; and for an outstanding record of scholastic publications and editorial services.

Wake Forest University honors Michael F. Callahan, Ph.D., for twenty-two years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Departments of Physiology and Pharmacology and Orthopaedic Surgery within the Division of Surgical Sciences; for exceptional talent as a researcher; for leadership in the orthopaedic postdoctoral program; for developing novel continuous unanesthetized measurement techniques; for training a decade of surgeons in microvascular techniques; for educating a generation of medical students, orthopaedic residents, fellows, and practitioners; and for an exemplary record of professional publications.

Wake Forest University honors Robert Chin, Jr., M.D., for twenty-five years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Section on Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergy and Immunologic Diseases within the Department of Internal Medicine; for local and national recognition as a pulmonologist/critical care specialist; for leadership in pulmonary programs as medical director of Bronchoscopy and Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship director; for national leadership in development of advanced bronchoscopic techniques in diagnosis and staging of lung cancer; and for his work as master bedside educator consistently receiving the accolades of students, residents, and fellows.

Wake Forest University honors Walton W. Curl, M.D., for seventeen years of service to the University and its School of medicine in the department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Division of Surgical Sciences; for exceptional talent as a knee and sports medicine surgeon; for his leadership in the Sports medicine Service and Fellowship; for outstanding service to his country during OperationDesert Storm; for outstanding dedication to high school and university student athletes; for setting the standard in clinical care provision; for educating medical students, orthopaedic residents, family medicine residents, fellows, and practitioners; and for five years as an outreach ambassador and director of clinical care.

Wake Forest University honors Kimberley J. Hansen, M.D., for twenty-seven years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery; for international recognition as a clinician and researcher in the area of ischemic nephropathy; for leadership of our vascular surgery fellowship; for being a tireless educator; for service as Interim Chair for the Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery; for leadership of national and international vascular organizations; and for continuously serving as a model of excellence in clinical, educational, and research endeavors.

Wake Forest University honors Margaret A. Harper, M.D., M.S., for twenty-two years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Section on Maternal Fetal Medicine; for outstanding clinical skills bringing national recognition to the institution; for excellence in patient oriented research; for fostering clinical studies of pregnancy associated with mortality, prematurity, and racial disparities; for extraordinary commitment to the education of Obstetricians/Gynecologists and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists; and for outstanding service as a mentor and role model for residents, fellows and faculty.

Wake Forest University honors Timothy E. Kute, Ph.D., for thirty-three years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the department of Pathology as Professor of Pathology; for outstanding service as Director of the Breast Cancer Biomarker Lab, a signature addition to the university’s medical achievements; for distinction as an excellent educator for medical, graduate, and physical therapy students; and for continuously serving as a model of excellence in all his endeavors.

Wake Forest University honors Claudine Legault, Ph.D., for twenty-two years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Department of Biostatistical Sciences, Division of Public Health Sciences; for more than five years in a leadership role for the Women’s Center of Excellence at Wake Forest School of Medicine; for her work as a clinical and population scientist developing better strategies to promote women’s health and for the treatment and prevention of cognitive diseases; for mentoring clinical and population researchers; and for serving as a model of excellence in all her endeavors.

Wake Forest University honors Ralph B. Leonard, Ph.D., M.D., for thirty-two years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Department of Emergency Medicine; for exceptional teaching ability to residents and medical students by demonstrating wound care, slit lamp, and numerous clinical procedures; for publishing “Monty’s Corner,” a practical guide of day-to-day care of emergency department patient presentations; for his work as an emergency medical services pioneer in disaster management and radiation accidents in Forsyth County and all of North Carolina; and for serving as a model of excellence and professionalism in all his endeavors.

Wake Forest University honors M. Madison Slusher, M.D., for thirty-eight years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Department of Ophthalmology, Division of Surgical Sciences, including nineteen years as Ophthalmology Chair; for recognition by the School of Medicine with its Distinguished Faculty Award; for establishing the much-prized Wake Forest University Eye Center; for an exemplary record of professional publications; for educating a generation of residents and fellows in ophthalmologic care; and for embodying the highest standards in the medical and surgical care of patients with retinal diseases.

Wake Forest university honors Constance A. Stanton, M.D., for twenty-three years of service to the university and its School of Medicine in the Department of Pathology as Associate Professor of Neuropathology; for distinction as a gifted educator and recipient of the Basic Science Teaching award; for outstanding educational service as Pathology Residency Training Director; for directing and teaching Histopathology correlate; for exemplary service as a core teaching faculty member, CCl Tutor, CnS Course Director, and numerous SPA evaluations; and for continuous service as a model of excellence in all endeavors.

Wake Forest University honors Charles S. Turner, M.D., for thirty-eight years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Division of Surgical Sciences, Department of General Surgery, Pediatric Surgery Service; for exceptional talent as a pediatric surgeon; for his dedication and distinguished service as a surgeon, teacher, mentor and advocate for children; and for continuously serving as a model of excellence in all endeavors.

Wake Forest University honors William G. Ward, M.D., for twenty-two years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Division of Surgical Sciences, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery; for exceptional talent as an adult reconstruction and musculoskeletal oncology surgeon; for setting the standard in clinical care provision; for leadership in the North American Musculoskeletal Tumor Society; for outstanding service to the community as advocate for children with Tuberous Sclerosis; for an exemplary record of professional publications; and for educating a generation of medical students, orthopaedic residents, fellows, and practitioners.

Retiring Staff, Reynolda Campus

  • Wanda Adams, Inventory Specialist, University Stores
  • Linda Early, Head of Monographic Acquisitions, Z. Smith Reynolds Library
  • Julie Griffin, Director of CHAMPS/Life Skills, Athletics
  • Ross Griffith, Director of Institutional Research
  • Toby Hale, Associate Dean of the College
  • Donna Hamilton, Associate Vice President and Senior Counsel
  • Randy MacDonald, Communications Officer, University Police
  • Beverly Marshall, Faculty Secretary, School of Law
  • Patricia McElroy, Nurse, Student Health Service
  • Bob Mills, Associate Vice President, University Advancement
  • Charles Nicholson, Custodian
  • Julie Patrick, Traffic Coordinator, WFDD
  • Patricia Samuels, Copy Center Technician, School of Business
  • Brenda Scott, Gift Accounting Coordinator, Athletics
  • Lillian Shelton, Director of Secrest Artists Series
  • Carole Stuart, Physician, Student Health Service
  • Charlene Watkins, Assistant Vice President of Student Life
  • Camilla Wilcox, Reynolda Gardens Curator of Education