The following faculty were honored during the Commencement ceremony:

Reynolda Campus

Wake Forest University honors B. Rajaram Baliga, D.B.A., for 28 years of being a masterful teacher, a wise advisor to countless firms across the globe and an insightful scholar in strategy and international business; for being a caring mentor to colleagues and students alike; for being honored as the John B. McKinnon Professor of Management as well as a visiting professor in Germany, India and France; for his authorship of over 45 research articles, cases and books; for his service as area coordinator to his management colleagues; for his coaching of countless winning teams participating in student competitions; and for his impressive receipt of over 17 annual teaching awards from Wake Forest University students and alumni.

Wake Forest University honors Richard D. Carmichael, Ph.D., for his contributions across 58 years of association with Wake Forest University as a department chair, faculty member, student and NCAA athlete. Professor Carmichael served on the faculty in the Department of Mathematics for 47 years, including 16 years as department chair. The University recognizes him for his robust scholarly program that led to numerous publications; for his dedicated and passionate teaching in mathematics and analysis; for his engagement of students and for his active program that mentored young faculty. As a student athlete, he competed on the Wake Forest University basketball team that went to the NCAA Final Four.

Wake Forest University honors Patricia C. Dixon, B.M., for her 38 years of exemplary service to Wake Forest University; on behalf of her countless students of classical guitar, who learned artistry and discipline through her devoted guidance; on behalf of the students in her many First Year Seminars, who learned that music could serve as vehicle for social justice as well as a source of beauty and a means of profound expression; on behalf of the audiences who recall the poetry and elegance of her performances on campus, in the region and throughout the world.

Wake Forest University honors Paul D. Escott, Ph.D., for his contributions and dedicated service across his 30 years to the Department of History and Wake Forest University. A leader in the field of U.S. Civil War history, he is the author of 10 books exploring all aspects of that civil war and has edited and contributed to eight additional volumes; his work is the result of a lifetime of thinking carefully and writing eloquently about the conflict that devastated and reshaped our nation in ways that continue to resonate today. He has taught generations of students to question their assumptions about U.S. history, inspiring students to offer their best work and to move beyond easy certainties about the past.

Wake Forest University honors Herbert Miles Foy, III, J.D., for 34 years of service to the School of Law, including seven years as academic dean and four years as executive associate dean; for executing his administrative roles in ways that endeared him to faculty, staff and students by unfailingly respectful exchanges and by written communications that delighted as they informed; for teaching whatever courses the school needed with a depth of understanding and the consummate skill of a master teacher; for his service to the community and his example of leadership and integrity; for the thousands of students who entered the world of contracts as they mowed his lawn.

Wake Forest University honors Candelas S. Gala, Ph.D., for her leadership across 40 years as a member of the Departments of Romance Languages and Spanish and Italian and for her dedicated service to Wake Forest University. Professor Gala is a well-known scholar and respected teacher, and is recognized for her tireless instruction and mentoring to the students in her department, whom she challenged to rise above their own expectations. She is commended for her exemplary service to the institution and her visionary leadership as department chair and involvement with numerous College and University committees and initiatives.

Wake Forest University honors Lee G. Knight, Ph.D., for 19 years of commitment and mentorship to undergraduate and graduate accounting students; for her strong leadership of the accounting program and other major Wake Forest University initiatives; for her service on countless academic committees including her role as chair of the School of Business Curriculum Committee; for being honored as the holder of the Delmer P. Hylton Professorship of Accountancy; for receipt of three teaching awards from her peers and students; and for being recognized as one of the top seven most prolific contributors to the accounting literature, with more than 120 contributions.

Wake Forest University honors Raymond E. Kuhn, Ph.D., for his contributions across 50 years as a member of the Department of Biology and dedicated service to Wake Forest University. Professor Kuhn, a leader in the field of immunoparasitology and founder of the famed Fancy Gap meeting in that discipline, taught classes in immunology, cell biology and neglected diseases with rigor and passion; served as an extraordinary mentor to undergraduate and graduate researchers, whom he unfailingly challenged to become independent thinkers; and became an inspiring colleague whose dedication created a worldwide community of idealistic researchers.

Wake Forest University honors Bill J. Leonard, Ph.D., for founding a vibrant School of Divinity on the cusp of the 21st century; for being a beloved teacher, to whom generations of students point as their mentor and inspiration throughout 22 years of dedicated service to Wake Forest University; for wisdom in interpreting contemporary religious realities and their historical roots and significance; for creating lively spaces for Baptist communities to embrace theology and embody ministry; and for envisioning God’s new day of justice, compassion and reconciliation.

Wake Forest University honors Dale R. Martin, D.B.A., for 35 years of tireless instruction and mentoring of School of Business Accounting students; for singlehandedly nurturing a national network that to this day provides amazing job opportunities and professional connections to current students and alumni; for 15 years directing the School of Business’ Accounting programs and serving as the associate dean of Academic Programs and Resources; for his receipt of teaching awards from colleagues and alumni; for his authorship/co-authorship of 30 publications; and for being the holder of several professorships, including the Price Waterhouse Professorship of Teaching Excellence, the D. Wayne Calloway Professorship of Accounting and the  Delmer P. Hylton Professorship of Accountancy.

Wake Forest University honors Ralph A. Peeples, J.D., for 39 years of service to the School of Law, including five years as academic dean; for his devotion to his teaching, which won the hearts of his students and multiple titles as “Teacher of the Year”; for his skillful analysis of data that enabled the bench, bar and academy to critique and to improve legal systems; for developing the school’s curriculum in dispute resolution as he helped the state understand and implement better systems; for his unflagging loyalty to the Cleveland Indians; and for being the one law professor who never took himself too seriously.

Wake Forest University honors Mary Lynn B. Redmond, Ed.D., for her contributions across 29 years as a member of the Department of Education and her dedicated service to Wake Forest University. Professor Redmond, an internationally respected teacher and scholar in foreign language education, not only has trained countless foreign language teachers at Wake Forest, but also has designed a number of innovative curricular and instructional projects, including a “foreign language camp” for elementary-age children. Further, she has demonstrated remarkable leadership and service to foreign language education at the regional and national levels through participation in professional organizations, including serving as president of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Wake Forest University honors Bruce G. Resnick, D.B.A., for 22 years of providing impactful learning experiences to undergraduate and graduate students; for being a world-renowned scholar on international finance; for publishing 40 journal articles and having his books translated into Chinese, Indonesian and Spanish and adapted for markets in India and Malaysia; for holding visiting appointments at Bond University in Australia and Helsinki School of Economics & Business Administration; for serving as area coordinator, chairing committees, including the School of Business Graduate Business Programs Certification Committee, and being elected as chair of the tenured faculty by his peers; and for being the holder of the Joseph M. Bryan, Jr. Professorship in Banking and Finance since 1999.

Wake Forest University honors Charles P. Rose, Jr., J.D., LL.M., for 45 years of teaching in the law school, earning “Teacher of the Year” more often than any other professor in the School of Law’s history; for teaching students not only mens rea but also how to live lives of integrity and value; for helping to shape the School of Law through several stages of its life, earning him the unofficial title of  “Mr. Wake Forest Law School”; for creating a conversation program that continues to bring the best of role models; and for holding alumni close to his heart and through his, to the heart of the law school.

Wake Forest University honors Brooke A. Saladin, Ph.D., for almost 35 years of being a steadfast faculty leader; for authoring/co-authoring over 20 publications; for teaching courses in operations management to thousands of students and leading international courses that took students to Japan, England, Russia, Estonia and Latvia; for shaping the trajectory of School of Business graduate programs, leading the Evening MBA and Full-time MBA programs for 10 and six years, respectively; for the innovation he introduced in curricula and program structures with student teams and cohorts to ensure students learn not only from their professors but from each other; for chairing committees and advising student clubs with passion and joy; for leading professional associations; and for receiving the Distinguished Service Award by the Southeast Region of the Decision Sciences Institute.

Wake Forest University honors Mary G. Scanlon, M.L.I.S, M.B.A., for 13 years of service to the Z. Smith Reynolds Library and the faculty and students in the Department of Economics and the School of Business. For her expertise as a subject specialist for the Department of Economics and Business, teaching for-credit courses and helping countless students and faculty in their research endeavors; for her service as chair of the Business Librarians of North Carolina section of the North Carolina Library Association, and her work founding the Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians; for her dedication to her profession and to ZSR and her devotion to the University and its mission.

Wake Forest University honors Kurt Shaw, B.A., for 31 years of exemplary service and for being a central force behind the creation of the Russian major and minor. Through a long stint as department chair, he guided the department in the reshaping of the college curriculum, established study abroad programs for Russia, and secured the status that a small department can do big things. Professor Shaw’s understanding of multiple world languages is legendary, but he will be best remembered for holding up the banner of literature in many languages, and for his famous teaching style, which was based on vocabulary. In his own words, “If you don’t know a bunch of words, how can you talk?”

Wake Forest University honors Gary L. Shoesmith, Ph.D., for 31 years of commitment to teaching macroeconomics to the graduate students of the School of Business; for his receipt of the Kienzle Alumni Teaching Award and the Winston-Salem Evening MBA Teaching Award; for his recognition as the Medlin Excellence Fellow; and for his dedicated service contributions to the institution and the larger academic community.

Wake Forest University honors George K. Walker, LL.B, LL.M., for 46 years of professional service; for the programs of legal writing, appellate advocacy and moot court that he created and nurtured; for the thousands of law students for whom he modeled the ideals of the legal profession as they studied the language of the law and learned to apply it across the country and among the nations of the world; for his contributions to the law of admiralty, conflicts, international disputes, national security and arbitration; and for the watercolors that have become the signature prize of the law school organization that funds public interest work.

Wake Forest University honors Robert K. Walsh, J.D., for 29 years of service to the School of Law, including 18 years as dean; for transforming the law school through his masterful hiring of faculty and staff who enabled the school to earn a national reputation while preserving the best of its small school niche; for his prestige in the legal academy and its governing body, which continues to honor him with awards recognizing his professionalism and integrity; for his work in the American Inns of Court, making this professional experience available to our law students; and for remaining the consummate teacher throughout his professional life.

Medical Center Campus

Wake Forest University honors Norman E. Adair, M.D., for 35 years of outstanding service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine, Section on Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergy and Immunologic Diseases, including serving as interim section head on two occasions (1987-1988; 2001-2002); as a founding member of our section having joined the Pulmonary Section in 1982; for being one of our best pulmonary physiologists who continues to educate both students and fellows in pulmonary physiology; and for being an exceptional role model and pioneer in evidenced-based medicine who is a beloved physician.

Wake Forest University honors Loren A. Bauman, M.D., for 40 years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Department of Anesthesiology; for his distinguished career as a pediatric anesthesiologist and pediatric intensivist, sharing his expertise and wisdom with hundreds of residents, fellows and students; for his role as head of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit when he was heavily involved in the design of the new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Brenner Children’s Hospital; for his passion for his pediatric patients, which led to creating a home Ventilation Program and a Pediatric Sedation Service; and for his distinguished scholarship in print and as a visiting professor; for his mentorship, stewardship and companionship.

Wake Forest University honors K. Bridget Brosnihan, Ph.D., for 24 years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Departments of Surgery, Hypertension and Vascular Research Center, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Physiology and Pharmacology and the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine; as director of the Bioanalytical Assay Core and Graduate Program director, Molecular Medicine and Translational Science; member, Cardiovascular Sciences Center and Office of Women in Medicine and Science; for stellar leadership of numerous institutional committees and national and international professional societies; for outstanding research excellence with sustained extramural funding in the hypertension field; and for superb mentorship to faculty and as advisor to pre-doctoral and postgraduate trainees.

Wake Forest University honors Robert P. Byington, Ph.D., for 31 years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Division of Public Health Sciences; for leadership as Head of the former Section of Epidemiology; for exceptional contributions to research in cardiovascular disease treatment and prevention; for expertise as a clinical trialist leading coordinating centers for landmark trials; for teaching in and leadership of the Graduate School’s Clinical and Population Translational Science Master of Science program; for mentoring trainees and junior faculty; and for an outstanding record of academic achievement.

Wake Forest University honors Henry A. (Al) Clairborne, Ph.D., for 34 years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Department of Biochemistry; for establishing a highly productive research program with many peer-reviewed publications and a lengthy track record of  NIH and other funding; for promoting the institutional theme of Redox Biology in his research; for being one of the founding co-directors of the Center for Structural Biology; for organizing scientific meetings in his field; and for training numerous highly productive pre- and postdoctoral trainees.

Wake Forest University honors Michael L. Coates, M.D., M.S., for 20 years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Department of Family and Community Medicine; for calm leadership as chair; for developing a nationally recognized department; for creating an environment where young faculty could grow and thrive; for encouraging students, residents, faculty and staff to provide compassionate patient-centered care; for tirelessly providing 20 years of medical care and encouragement to the WFU baseball team as team physician; and for exemplifying always how to listen and care for all one encounters.

Wake Forest University honors Donald R. Jason, M.D., J.D., for 25 years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Department of Pathology; for providing dedicated patient care with expertise in forensic pathology; for contributions in the teaching of residents, fellows, medical and law students; for distinguished contributions as a member of the National Association of Medical Examiners since 1977 and its board of directors for 10 years; for serving on the National Association of Medical Examiners Executive Committee and for service on many of the Executive Committee’s working committees.

Wake Forest University honors Paul M. Kirkman, M.D., for 48 years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine, Section on Cardiovascular Medicine; for exceptional contributions and exemplary service as a consummate clinician; for being a dedicated educator and mentor to numerous students, residents, and fellows, for which he has received numerous teaching awards; and for serving as a leader serving in such capacities as vice chair for Clinical Affairs and medical director of the Physician’s Access Line and Health on Call.

Wake Forest University honors George W. Plonk, Jr., M.D., for 39 years of service to the University and its School of Medicine in the Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery and the Department of General Surgery, for his exceptional dedication to the care of patients with peripheral vascular disease; for educating a generation of students, residents and fellows; and for his outstanding leadership and collegiality.


  • Donna Gung, Executive Assistant, Office of the President
  • Kathy Idol, Communications Coordinator and Counselor, Financial Aid
  • Terry Poovey, Admissions Assistant, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Preston Stockton, Manager, Reynolda Gardens
  • Lynn Sutton, Vice Provost, Office of the Provost
  • Patricia (Pat) Dixon, Senior Lecturer, Music
  • Connie Green, Administrative Coordinator, English
  • Pamela Karr, Training and Development Manager, Counseling
  • Patricia (Patty) Kennedy, Administrative Assistant, Health and Exercise Science
  • Patricia (Patty) Lanier, Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Dean of the College
  • Cindy O’Hagan, Coordinator, Curriculum Materials, Education
  • Judith (Judi) Affeldt, Administrative Assistant, School of Business
  • Patricia (Pat) Peacock, Associate Director, School of Business
  • Janet Cromer, Associate Director, School of Law
  • Ann Robertson, Program Coordinator, School of Law
  • Ronald (Ron) Atkins, Service Technician, Facilities and Campus Services
  • Winford Cook, Sanitation Coordinator, Facilities and Campus Services
  • Carrnell Covington, Custodian, Facilities and Campus Services
  • Hazel Daniels, Custodian, Facilities and Campus Services
  • Lester Ferrell, Custodian, Facilities and Campus Service
  • Rebecca Harrington, Maintenance and Utilities Analyst, Facilities and Campus Service
  • Annie (Ann) Knox, Parking Supervisor, Parking and Transportatio
  • Ava Nelums, Custodian, Facilities and Campus Services
  • Julio Parada, Server, Graylyn
  • Raymond (Ray) Trindade, Auto Technician, Facilities and Campus Services
  • Diane Wise, Administrative Coordinator, Procurement Services
  • Michael (Mike) Ford, Director, Philanthropy Programs, Pro Humanitate Institute
  • Donalee White, Administrator Coordinator, Learning Assistance Center
  • Jane Jones, Administrative Coordinator, University Advancement
  • Nancy Pierce, Territory Development Coordinator, University Advancement
  • Cherin Poovey, Managing Editor, Wake Forest Magazine, University Advancement
  • Janet Williamson, Deputy Editor, University Advancement
  • Walter (Doug) Bland, Associate Athletic Director, Athletics
  • Dianne Dailey, Head Coach, Women’s Golf, Athletics
  • Anita (Ann) Flynn, Academic Counselor, Athletics
  • Ethan Reeve, Head Coordinator, Sports Performance, Athletics
  • Betty Shronts, Administrative Assistant, Athletics