Louis Charles Frazier

Louis Frazier '08

Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Major: Biology with double minors in chemistry and sociology

Plans for next year: Wake Forest School of Medicine

Favorite teacher: Really tough question to answer because I have a lot of favorite teachers. Many of them encouraged me when I reached a rough patch, wrote letters of recommendation, and just believed in my success in their classes and in life.

Most meaningful experience: The last play in the 2006 ACC Championship Game once I realized we won, and Steve Justice had to drag me to the line of scrimmage because I was crying so hard. Also, going on mission trips to Compton, Calif., and the Dominican Republic.

What one thing has changed most about you: I have become more self-confident in my abilities and who I am and better at letting go of my perfectionism.

Words of advice for incoming freshmen: Let go of your perfectionism, it will make your journey through WFU a lot smoother. You have to realize that some things are beyond your control.

What will you miss most: My teammates, classmates and staff who all became my friends over the years.

What do you most look forward to after graduation: The new journey that I am about to start.

Message for mom and dad: Thank you for believing in me over all these years, being unselfish and telling a little boy who struggled with reading and had low test scores that he can be anything he wanted to be! Love ya!